A new BG star broke out in a duet with Snoop Dogg and took Galena o…

Galena is no longer the most listened to native artist on a prominent music platform.

She was displaced from the first place by the sensation Alec Sander. The singer made headlines in Bulgaria after filming a scandalous clip in the Courthouse. Six years ago, the musician was part of Vip Brother.

“I am the Bulgarian with the most listenings. I have more than 350 thousand per month. And they continue to increase,” boasted Alec Sander.

A month ago, the Bulgarian broke out in a duet with one of the biggest rap stars in the world – Snoop Dogg. For the filming of the clip of his duet with the hip-hop icon, the Bulgarian paid a whopping 300,000 dollars by native standards.

“My producer has worked with him, as well as with Eminem, Drake and others. Through him we made the connection with Snoop Dogg. He is a very cool person,” revealed AlekSander to Bulgaria Today.

The native has recorded another track with a world-famous musician, but for now he is keeping it a secret.

Alec Sander has been living in the US for years. For a long time, she successfully performed as a model overseas. Before leaving for America, he wrote lyrics for a number of chalga stars. He no longer deals with pop-folk, but young hip-hop stars from Bulgaria are looking for him.

“I refuse them because I live in America and there’s no way we can record a song together from a distance. If I’m in Bulgaria, I’d be happy to help everyone,” added the musician.

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