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Biden’s daughter admits in a diary about sexual addiction and showers with him

A woman from Florida, who found the personal diary of the daughter of US President Joe Biden – Ashley Biden, is being investigated by the FBI after selling it, the Daily Mail reports, colleagues from Telegraph.

The diary’s explosive content includes allegations that she bathed with her father as a young girl, and this may have contributed to her sexual addiction. “I remember having sex with friends at an early age; showers with my father (probably very inappropriate) “, she wrote in January 2019, according to the British tabloid.

After a rehab, the president’s daughter, now 41, lived briefly in a home in Palm Beach, often used by people recovering from addictions, and left her diary there when she moved to Philadelphia in June 2020. Amy Harris, a 39-year-old single mother of two who has just returned from rehab, moved into the house weeks later and found the diary under the mattress.

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Harris is believed to have shown the diary of a fundraising event and sold it for $ 40,000 to Republican-affiliated Project Veritas. The New York Times was the first to report an investigation by the Department of Justice into the diary in November 2021 and confirmed that the diary was authentic.

Pictured: Amy Harris

The Daily Mail points out that the New York Times deliberately omitted to mention what the diary contained and that what was written in it was deeply disturbing. The president’s daughter wrote that she was “hypersexualized from a young age”, telling details about her chronic drug abuse, extramarital affairs, etc.

I’ve always been crazy about boys … I’ve been hypersexual since I was little … I remember being sexualized even by a family member … I remember having sex with friends from an early age, showering with my father (probably a lot inappropriate) “, is part of the contents of the diary, according to the” Daily Mail “.

Ashley Biden


Ashley Biden also writes about her drug addiction: “I gave up again. Hell … The difference this time was that I told Elizabeth, Mom and Dad this morning. Mom and Dad were worried, but incredibly supportive. I’m so happy to have them … My father cried on the phone, saying there was a debate in a week … now he has to worry about me. And he wept. Maybe he knows what he’s doing. “


Ashley Biden also wrote that she has serious problems in her marriage. According to her diary entries, she had an affair with men after she was married to surgeon Howard Crane. “I’m talking about another man here while I’m married!” Everything is strange, “she wrote in February 2019.

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