Ludogorets lost to Betis 2:3 in the Europa League

Ludogorets lost to Betis in the second round of the Europa League group stage. The “Eagles” lost 2:3 in Sevilla after recording a heroic victory over Roma at the start.

In today’s match, Ante Shimunja’s team fought hard, but left with a loss that came after a decent performance.


Betis took a two-goal lead, Despodov netted at the end of the half, and in the second half the Spaniards scored again to reach the final 3-2, fixed by substitute Rick Jonathan.

The match started evenly. In the 9th minute, the home team asked for a penalty after Luis Enrique came into contact with Cicinho, but the referee had no reason to award a foul.

In the 25th minute, the Spaniards managed to take the lead after Canales shot from outside the penalty area, Padt kicked, the ball fell to Luis Enrique, who converted for 1:0.


Betis – Ludogorets, (Development of the meeting by minutes)

Drama in Seville

Shortly before the 40th minute expired, Betis managed to double their lead. Joaquin took a diagonal shot from the edge of the penalty area and fired into the champions’ net, undisturbed by the Ludogorets defense, to complete a fantastic strike and send the stands into ecstasy.

At the very end of the half, the “Eagles” reduced the score after Kiril Despodov committed a foul from a small angle, the ball passed the goal line with its full volume. The referee uses his watch with the special technology showing that there is a goal for 2:1. In the second half, the game continued to be contested.

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In the 59th photo, the hosts increased their lead again, again with a shot from the edge of the penalty area. Canales poked the ball between Piotrowski’s legs and fired a shot past Padt’s legs to make it 3:1.

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In the 75th minute, Rick Jonathan, who came on six minutes earlier, controlled the ball, which was cleared at a corner kick, and with a technical kick sent it shooting to the ground to leave a helpless Bravo for 2:3. At the very end, Gropper distinguished himself with big miss after being left alone against Bravo, shoots wide.

Ludogorets visits HIK in the next match, which is on October 6.

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