More contract killings come out in the investigation against Krasimir Kamenov-Kuro

More contract killings come out in the investigation against Krasimir Kamenov-Kuro
More contract killings come out in the investigation against Krasimir Kamenov-Kuro

The prosecutor’s office has testimony that Krasimir Kamenov, who has been living in South Africa for years, known as Kuro, is the guarantor of five murders, sources from the investigation said. A team of prosecutors, investigators, and policemen from the State Police have started active actions to bring Kamenov as a defendant and for one attempted murder.

Criminalists believe that the deliberate fire in which Marcello Dokovski died in 2011, then head of the municipal company “Parkings and Mobility” in Sofia, was ordered precisely by Kamenov. The Bulgarian living in South Africa is complicit in the murder of another senior municipal official connected with parking in the capital. It is about Georgi Vasilev, who was killed in 2005. Even then there was a version that representatives of the former VIS force group were behind the assassination, but no evidence was collected.

According to the investigation, Boris Borisov, known as Bobby Belyata, who was killed in early 2022, was also a victim of killers associated with Kamenov. Bobby Belyata is considered close to Christophoros Amanatidis-Taki, with whom Kamenov has been in conflict for several years, although they were partners in the past and are considered one of the heirs of the VIS group.

From the “cold files” the collected clues about the murder of the agricultural produce trader Stoicho Stoilov, who died after a brutal beating inflicted in front of his home in the capital’s “Reduta” district ten years ago, have been removed. Before he started trading, Stoilov worked at the veterinary post on the Bulgarian-Turkish border. The main version is that the fatal beating was ordered because of the trader’s attempts to develop a competitive business with that of Krasimir Kamenov, who is known to control the stock exchange in the capital’s Slatina district, as well as a number of other fruit and vegetable exchanges, through undercover agents in the country.

At the stock exchange in “Slatina” at the beginning of 2020, the prosecutor’s office and the GDBOP detained a TIR with exotic fruits, and it turned out that the cartons containing the citrus fruits were impregnated with a large amount of cocaine.

Because of the intentions of another iconic figure from the underground – Zlatomir Ivanov – Beretata, to enter the business of phyto-sanitary control at the borders, the prosecutor’s office and the police believe that Krasimir Kamenov was also involved in the attempt against the former employee of the anti-terrorism squad. Ten years ago, Zlatomir Ivanov was shot on his way out of the Courthouse in Sofia, but survived.

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