VMRO protested in front of the CEC against the numerous sections in Turkey (photos)

VMRO protested in front of the CEC against the numerous sections in Turkey (photos)
VMRO protested in front of the CEC against the numerous sections in Turkey (photos)

Sympathizers and members of VMRO protested in front of the Central Election Commission. He is against the uncontrolled opening of sections in Turkey, the party announced.

See photos from the protest here

“While we were part of the administration of Bulgaria, we from VMRO limited the number of sectional election commissions there and our members in the CEC made it mandatory for voters to fill out declarations by hand in the election sections. With these actions, we stopped the vicious practice of the Turkish state and the Turkish services seizing the organization in the elections from the Bulgarian state and with that the opportunity to bring people who can’t even read and write in the Bulgarian language under command”. argued in an official position from VMRO.

Today we are here to defend our old cause – for the independence of the Bulgarian statehood from external interference, commented VMRO co-chairman Iskren Veselinov. “Independence, which is most clearly trampled upon in Turkey, through an organized vote, which brings in sometimes a number of deputies comparable to a small parliamentary group,” he pointed out.

Vesselinov recalled that they put a limit on the sections that can be formed outside the EU, which was canceled by the 45th National Assembly. He pointed out that more than two weeks ago, VMRO submitted an official request to the CEC for explicit instructions regarding the voting method in Turkey, but there is silence on the part of the Commission.

The patriotic formation insists that every voter personally fill out a declaration before the sectional election commission that he will not vote elsewhere, as well as to end any possibility of agitation in and around the sections in Turkey.

Two days ago, in the studio of BNT, the general secretary of VMRO, Julian Angelov, said that the Bulgarians clearly see that there is no fair vote in Turkey, but a vote under order. The elections are organized by the Turkish state and the services, which is unacceptable. This distorts the vote – a foreign country interferes in the internal politics of Bulgaria. We cannot allow this to happen again, Angelov said, and called on Friday, September 23, to show the CEC that measures should be taken regarding Turkey’s interference in Bulgaria’s internal affairs. The CEC has the authority to make a decision and, based on a report from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, can close or open a section. For example, on the basis of such a report, sections in Turkey can be opened only in consulates and in the embassy. Thus, the Bulgarian state will control the election process there, not the Turkish one, the general secretary of the organization gave an example.

Julian Angelov noted that there is no way 3,000 people can vote in one section under construction.

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