10-year-old fuchi with an ATV “urban” in Lyubimets

10-year-old fuchi with an ATV “urban” in Lyubimets
10-year-old fuchi with an ATV “urban” in Lyubimets

A ten-year-old child was caught driving an ATV in Lyubimets, reports the OD of the Ministry of the Interior-Haskovo.

Yesterday at noon, police officers from the local station noticed the minor driving the off-road machine on the city streets. In addition to the boy’s incapacity, it was found that the vehicle is not properly registered.

Of course, the perpetrator can bear absolutely no criminal or administrative responsibility because of his age.

In the same region, in Haskovo, uniformed officers caught a 17-year-old without a license driving an ATV without a license plate on Mogila Street in the city.

One more driver who violated the Civil Code was detained during the day. In Simeonovgrad A 19-year-old was driving a Volkswagen and during a police check the test showed the use of methamphetamine. The young man refused a sample for analysis. Rapid production has started.

A motorcyclist is out of danger after a road accident in Haskovo. Yesterday at 14:20 on Ilinden Boulevard, a 36-year-old man with a Suzuki motorcycle failed to keep his distance from a Mercedes car moving in front of him and hit it from behind, after which he fell on the road.

Just a few days ago, in the Roma settlement of Varshets, a 20-year-old driver, furiously driving a BMW, hit two children who were also illegally riding a scooter. One was admitted to “Pirogov” for treatment, and the other remained in the local hospital for a series of operations.

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