Nearly 23,300 households from North-Eastern Bulgaria received the firewood they requested

Nearly 23,300 households from North-Eastern Bulgaria received the firewood they requested
Nearly 23,300 households from North-Eastern Bulgaria received the firewood they requested

A total of 23,275 households from Northeastern Bulgaria have already received the firewood they requested, the press center of the Northeastern State Enterprise (SIDP) announced.

The eighteen farms in the enterprise system have supplied people with 130,191 spatial cubic meters of firewood. At the moment, 699 families have been supplied with 5,215 cubic meters by DGS-Verbitsa, DGS-Shumen have sold 11,753 cubic meters to 1,681 households, and DGS-Novi Pazar have satisfied the needs of 1,435 individuals who requested 7,180 spatial cubic meters of firewood.

There are 560 people wishing to heat with wood in Veliki Preslav, and the quantities requested and received by them are 3774 cubic meters. 3,608 families have requested 10,427 cubic meters from DLS-Palamara and all requests have been fulfilled. And in DGS-Smyadovo they have satisfied the requests of all who have submitted applications to them to date. These are 636 families with 4,068 cubic meters, the SIDP press center notes.

The management of the enterprise has ordered all territorial divisions to provide firewood for the local population on a priority basis, and supplies under long-term contracts with large factories have been reduced to a minimum. At the moment, the sale of companies by price list is also limited, at the expense of requests from individuals. All forestry and hunting farms also provide root plantations when there are those who wish to harvest their own firewood.

The director of the enterprise and the managers of the farms maintain constant communication with the mayors of the settlements to clarify the lists, and where necessary, the quantities are reduced to five spatial cubic meters to ensure warm for all at the first time. The population is also given the opportunity to collect residual wood, after the felling in the plantations is completed.

As BTA reported, on August 17 the regional governor of Shumen, Prof. Hristo Hristov, held a working meeting in connection with delayed deliveries of firewood to the population in three municipalities in the region, after being referred by the mayors of Kaolinovo, Venets and Varbitsa for delay and problems with providing wood for the upcoming heating season. At a working meeting two days later, Hristov and the mayors of the Smyadovo and Kaspichan municipalities raised similar problems.

The directors of the territorial divisions have reported that the supply of wood is going according to plan, despite the increased requests for this year, at a regular meeting with the director of SIDP, Eng. Radi Ivanov. Last year, with an estimate of 90,000 spatial cubic meters, 100,000 cubic meters were delivered to the population from Northeast Bulgaria, and this year, with an estimate of 100,000 cubic meters, the population received 180,000 cubic meters. The supply of wood is a little slower in the regional centers, where there are many times more people who want to heat with wood. Despite this, the farms continue to work and do everything in their power to satisfy the wishes of the people, adds the SIDP press center.

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