Kaisera: I believe that Levski will beat CSKA

Kaisera: I believe that Levski will beat CSKA
Kaisera: I believe that Levski will beat CSKA

The former footballer of Levski Nikolay Todorov – Kaisera has more than one or two victories over CSKA behind him, in the company of Stanimir Stoilov on the field. He revealed to “Mach Telegraf” his expectations for Sunday’s battle between the “Blues” and CSKA.

– Mr. Todorov, hello, how are you? What are your expectations for the upcoming derby between Levski and CSKA on Sunday?

– I am fine. Above all, I expect it to be a good derby. With purely football techniques, so that we can talk after the game only about the game.

– How do you see the game shown by the two teams?

– There is a difference in CSKA’s game. New coach, quite a few tactical and game changes. New additions too. Everything purely football is in plus of what they are doing at the moment of the “Army”. As for Levski, the club is struggling with its own difficulties. Overall, there is a slight drop in gameplay. It comes from individual football players, which affects the game as a whole. Still, there are new competitors, and besides, the attitude and preparation for this match is different from other matches. They have been struggling defensively lately. They concede goals and thus lose points. This is a big minus and an important aspect. Because they had “dry nets” for a long time, both last season and this one. Opponents are now able to punish every single mistake.

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– Stanimir Stoilov shared that Levski is experiencing problems in the final phase as well. How do you see the game of the “blues” in attack?

– Well, with the drop in form, especially of the wing forwards and the injury of Bilal Bari, they brought problems. Welton is going downhill in form, it’s true that the coach knows these things best, but we, as viewers, can see it too. Stoilov is familiar with the current physical and mental state of each player. Ronaldo also showed declines. And the problems come, because it is a matter of three zones – central, left and right striker. If it is only one – it can be compensated. When they are in 3 – it is already difficult. Now that Barry has entered the infirmary, if the injury is really very serious, Levski should look for another option. For several matches, Stoilov has been trying to compensate with Iliyan Stefanov and the entry of Ivelin Popov into the game. Time will tell if this will work out.

– “Blues” lost to Lokomotiv Cofia 2:3 in “Nadezhda” in the last match. Why did this defeat come about?

– Because of the mistakes they made. They did not manage to convert after the score was equalized twice. When so many mistakes were made, there was no way to make up for it, and there was no time to react after the last goal. These defensive mistakes and Sonko Sundberg’s injury, plus the problems he has in the defensive phase, are not few. Speaking of defenders – they don’t play with three or four in defense because the whole team is involved in this phase. Many mistakes are made.

– You mentioned Barry, Sundberg, but Petris also has problems. What do you attribute these injuries to? Could we be talking about player fatigue or something else?

– I don’t know if it’s just fatigue, or if it’s the result of something else. That’s best for the coaches and the staff to say. They would give a more accurate answer. Every day, the condition of the players is monitored by coaches and doctors.

– Let’s talk a little more about the loss to Loko St. Some blame Plamen Andreev for two of the three goals against the Railwaymen…

– It’s possible. He made a mistake, but he’s young and we can’t say anything. In addition, he does not have much experience and the necessary experience yet. Andreev is yet to develop some of his individual qualities, including mental ones. The setting for given matches. Every single mistake he makes is permissible in his development. And in Europe, extremely good goalkeepers also make fatal mistakes. No one is insured. The players in front of him also make mistakes. Now how it will affect him mentally is very important and how he overcomes this mistake in time so that it is not allowed in the next game.

– Can there be a favorite on Sunday, the bookies give advantage to Levski?

– It is difficult to say who is the favorite and whether he will win in the given match. Let’s not start from the standings, because there are unplayed matches. Each team is looking for its form and preparing for victory. And now how much the opponent will be able to oppose him and who will prevail – we will see on Sunday.

– In general, did Levski manage to step on the right path and how does the drop from Hamrun affect, as well as the missed Bulgarian Super Cup?

– There is no way that these matches will not reflect in the ranks of the “blues”. From now on, it is important who is mentally stable. Individually, everyone can make their own judgement, here it is important that the management and the coaching staff are able to lead the team as a whole, because in the end, every single game that is coming is won first of all as a team. Of course, individual qualities are also important in specific situations. But when Levski plays as a team and as one, it inevitably leads to success.

– Forwards don’t score, but midfielders and defenders do.

– Yes really. Attackers to score must create situations. The opportunities should be realized. With defenders it is different because they are involved in more than static positions. In this way, whoever plays well and places correctly – succeeds. Tsunami proved to be effective after scoring from both set pieces and play.

– Should Levski attract a central striker already at any cost?

– At this stage, I don’t know if they have this opportunity because they have financial constraints. Depending on the condition of Barry and the rest of the players, as well as their performance, the management will decide what players to bring in and what they will need.

– How important are the three points for the “blues” on Sunday?

– Well, they are important because there are also postponed matches, and every loss of points takes you away from the Top 3. It is very important for Levski to win this match. It will also be psychological.

– But is it possible that the loss will lead to an even bigger collapse and an outflow of fans?

– Whether there will be an ebb – I can’t say. If Levski fails to win, it will certainly take a toll on the players. Every loss takes its toll.

– What kind of setup do you go into such a match with? Does the crowd influence the players in any way and how?

– I would say that the fans help more precisely. Because they show their support and love for the team. That’s a plus. Here it is up to the individual players to shake off and manage to mentally isolate themselves from all side factors. They must concentrate fully on their playing behavior for the full 90 minutes on Sunday.

– Can this Stanimir Stoilov team fight for the title and defend the Bulgarian Cup?

– It can, but it must be shown and proven in every match. If you allow defeats, there will inevitably be a difference and uncertainty, which is not a plus for the team as a whole. It’s likely that some competitors will take it differently and it will affect them more.

– Your prediction for the final result on Sunday?

– I not only want, but also believe that Levski will emerge as the winner.

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